Meet the Owner

Shane Ellison

Founder & CEO I started my business in 1994 as a chimney sweep service. I used to clean a lot chimneys at apartment complexes. I even traveled to Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Louisville to clean chimneys at apartment complexes. I used to kid people, that when I was a kid, I saw Mary Poppins and knew who I wanted to be when I grew up. I quickly moved into doing repairs on chimneys when I saw there was a need there. In 1998, I started work with a Mason doing chimney rebuilds. Over the last 20 years we have done lots and lots of chimney rebuilds in the Indianapolis area. We also do small commercial jobs and block work.
Over the years we have expanded our services to provide for homeowners that have other home improvement needs.

Our Team of Specialists (Field Crew)

Our field team consists of only the most experienced and trained to get your job done correctly. Each member is assigned specifically to the job that matches their craft.