First Aid for your Brick and Mortar

Shane C. Construction will help you identify and repair all your brick and mortar issues.   We specialize in chimney repair, brick exchange, brick repair, masonry seal, tuck pointing, chimney and fireplace crown repair, chimney rebuild, fireplace rebuild, fireplace brick match, brick repair, preventative maintenance, chimney and fireplace cleaning. We have proudly served Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for over 22 years.

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Flaking or Crumbling Brick? Blame the Weather!


The flaking or crumbling of a brick surface is a classic example of “spalling,” a type of brick damage common in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Water from rainfall, melting snow, sleet, or any other source saturates the brick.  When the temperature drops, the water in the brick freezes.   The slight expansion of freezing water causes the brick to fracture  With repeated freezing and thawing, the fractures continue to expand which makes the masonry unstable until the brick crumbles, flakes, or “spalls.”

Shane C. Construction can prevent further spalling and repair broken bricks, cracked bricks, crumbling bricks, flaking bricks, fallen bricks, missing bricks, water damage, leaking chimney, damper problems, loose firebrick, damaged chimney cap, loose or crumbling fireplace bricks, cracked tuc point, settled bricks, settled mortar, cracked mortar, cracked chimney crown, clogged fireplace, clogged chimney, or damaged mailbox.